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At legalunite we value our candidates and take the time to understand their state of mind prior to discussing any recruitment opportunities. Having the double competencies in legal and recruitment, it is important to learn about our candidates’ backgrounds, needs, expertise and making sure that they make the right decision in their career moves. We remain transparent with all our candidates and we advise them accordingly and this includes their personalities, appearances, qualities, and capacities.
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Our consultants are always available during each recruitment process to advise, provide full details of each position suitable for candidates, review CVs, preparation for interviews and follow up with feedback, until the end of the recruitment process. All feedbacks are discussed with candidates, whether positive or negative in order to improve and move forward. Developing long-term relationships with our candidates is important to us. We have records of candidates who are now clients because of the high-quality professional advice and work we commit to. Our candidates trust us at LegalUnite and we are always available to answer questions and provide any general advice.


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